100 Wave Challenge





On Saturday, September 17th, hundreds of surfers will hit the water at Mission Beach to support Boys to Men Mentoring and help boys become good men. Shaun Tomson, Damien Hobgood and their friends will be there. Don’t miss this opportunity to surf with the pros!  


The goal is for each surfer to raise $1,000 for Boys to Men Mentoring and attempt to catch 100 waves in 1 day. Whether you catch 100 waves or 20 waves, you will leave the water knowing you made a difference. 


"I challenge YOU -- I am making a promise to bring three of my surfing buddies to join me in taking the Boys to Men 100 Wave Challenge in 2016. These boys NEED our help!"

                                                                                   Shaun Tomson

Surfing Legend, 1977 IPS World Champion



This is our chance to be PART OF THE TRIBE. This year is my third time surfing 

100 waves in one day for Boys to Men and once again, I'M ALL IN!


Damien "Damo" Hobgood

Professional Surfer, Member of WCT


We have sections of the water for long boards, short boards, stand-up paddle boards, boogie boards and body surfers.




                                             Raise $1,000 Receive a wave-counting watch!


                                             $2,000 - Free SOUPLANTATION for one year!*


                                             $3,000 - A new WETSUIT from Bird’s Surf Shed!**



                                             $5,000 - You score a new SURFBOARD!**



                                             $8,000WETSUIT and SURFBOARD!**


TEAM PRIZE - Win a two night surf weekend at

Las Gaviotas in Baja California***

* 24 comp meal tickets

** from Bird's Surf Shed in-store stock

*** Team of 2-8 surfers must raise $25,000 combined, forfeiting all other prizes and choosing the surf weekend with all expenses paid, food prepared and even your transportation provided by Boys to Men!


Your friends and family are welcome to join us for a day of fun, surf and sun! Our famous BBQ grill will be cooking burgers and dogs (as well as veggie burgers) for your family all day.

Surfers are free to use the surfer's lounge, hang out on the couches, and enjoy a free massage from our volunteer masseuses. 

Registration begins at 6:00am on Saturday, September 17th and closes at 10:00am to pick up your 100 Wave towel, rash guard and schwag bag. 

Surf site: Mission Beach just south of the roller coaster at the end of San Fernando Place. 

Rank Name Amount
#1 Shaun Tomson $32,010.00
#2 Brian Mulvaney $28,776.00
#3 Dane, Chloe & Jonah Soderberg $18,557.00
#4 Ernie Hahn $15,950.00
#5 Joe Sigurdson $13,515.00
#6 Layne Harrison $11,311.00
#7 Gregg Wolfson $5,750.00
#8 Sean Puckett $5,715.00
#9 David Dunn $5,620.00
#10 Monty Sunshine Brewer $4,600.00
Rank Team Name Amount
#1 Team SAND $41,645.00
#2 Dr. Bronner's Surf Team $30,951.00
#3 Team Tiger Patch $25,811.00
#4 Cunning, Baffling and Powerful Surfers $23,841.00
#5 Team GO $19,177.01
HEAD (9889-12737-201801141210) WIN-TVUELO308EK