6th Annual 100 Wave Challenge





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On Saturday, September 19th, hundreds of surfers will hit the water at Mission Beach to support Boys to Men Mentoring and help boys become good men. This is the ONLY annual fundraiser for Boys to Men Mentoring and OUR BOYS NEED YOUR SUPPORT! 

The facts speak for themselves:

  • 93% of men in the prison system grew up without a father.
  • In San Diego alone, there are 44,612 boys growing up in homes without fathers.
  • A boy without a dad in his life is 10 times more likely to end up in prison, 9 times more likely to abuse drugs and 8 times more likely to drop out of high school.
  • The cost to incarcerate an inmate in prison for one year is $50,000.
  • The cost to pay for one boy to have an entire year of Boys to Men Mentoring is $500.


Boys to Men addresses the needed of these forgotten youth – fatherless and high-risk teenage boys who need the mentoring of good men in their lives. Through weekly in-school and after-school groups with their peers and our mentors, these angry, selfish and hopeless boys slowly become responsible, respectful and honorable young men.

  • After just one year of weekly meetings, Boys to Men boys get an average of 27% better grades and 85% fewer disciplinary issues.

The goal of the 100 Wave Challenge is for each surfer to raise $1,000 for Boys to Men Mentoring and attempt to catch 100 waves in 12 hours. The surfing is a personal challenge for our participants. The program is a passion for our mentors and a life-changing opportunity for our boys to realize and achieve their dreams, break the cycle of violence, gangs, drugs and prison in their families and make better choices for themselves.

Please take a moment to click the surfboard and make a donation to the Boys Team.

Together, we are saving lives. 


Top 10 Fundraisers

Rank Name Amount
#1 Shaun Tomson $33,045.00
#2 Dane, Chloe & Jonah Soderberg $23,780.00
#3 Joe Sigurdson $11,145.22
#4 Carter Faucher $9,600.00
#5 Damien Hobgood $9,366.00
#6 Scott Bass $7,873.00
#7 Sean Puckett $7,410.00
#8 Mike Nelson $5,345.00
#9 Jason Bernardo $4,915.00
#10 Scott Overland $4,012.00


Top Teams

Rank Team Name Amount
#1 Team Dr. Bronner's $56,885.00
#2 SAND (Surf Networking) $25,143.00
#3 Degree33 Surfboards $13,358.00
#4 Cardiff Kooks $11,965.00
#5 Team Go $9,443.00


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