Shaun Tomson and Damien Hobgood tell you

why they are taking the Challenge.



Welcome to the 5th Annual 100 Wave Challenge, a fundraiser to raise money and awareness for the Boys to Men program. 
Every week, dedicated Boys to Men mentors show up at middle schools, high schools and foster care facilities to give teenage boys a community of mentors who listen, encourage and believe in them.
72% of the boys in the program are growing up without a father, and the need for our mentoring program is greater than ever.
We offer our program FREE of CHARGE as 68% of our boys live below the poverty level in single mother homes.  
The 100 Wave Challenge is our main funding source.
To see the lifelong impact of Boys to Men, watch this 2 minute video of one boy's 4 year journey from gangs to college. 


















Top Fundraisers

Rank Name Amount
#1 Shaun Tomson $17868.00
#2 Dane & Chloe Soderberg $15675.00
#3 Joe Sigurdson $8690.00
#4 Scott Bass $6930.00
#5 Jeff Sallen $4679.00
#6 Sean Puckett $4085.00
#7 Mike Nelson $3300.00
#8 Daniel McCormick $3070.00
#9 Tommy Cover $2998.00
#10 Robert Nederhorst $2480.00


Rank Team Name Amount
#1 Cardiff Kooks $21075.86
#2 PSPlatinum $17220.00
#3 Team SAND (Surf Networking) $16341.00
#4 Team Go! $6048.00
#5 Degree33 Surfboards $5793.00
#6 Team Outer Banks $3070.00
#7 L3-TW Surf Club $2635.00
#8 Team Kat $2310.00
#9 Peers Network $2000.00
#10 Century Club $1805.00