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On Saturday, September 17th I will take the 100 Wave Challenge and I am going to catch 100 waves in ONE DAY to raise $20,000 for a remarkable organization called Boys to Men.   
Boys to Men Mentoring is a group mentoring program working with fatherless and high-risk teenage boys in middle schools, high schools and in open-community meetings. 75% of the boys in the program don’t have a father in their home.  
Last year Chloe and I came in second place for funds raised by all participants. This year we want to lead the pack so we have brought little brother, Jonah, in for the for extra help.
Candidly, my initial involvement was based on supporting a good cause and having an excuse to surf all day. I have now had the chance to meet many of the young men whose lives are being changed and by changed I really mean SAVED.
Over the last year, I have been personally working to bring this program into North County schools and this year I want to raise the funds needed for this expansion.
Please take a moment to view the video below to see the impact your donation will have.
These boys are struggling and I’m going to do my best to help them.   
Every dollar helps, so please give what you can to help me reach my goal. 
Thank you for your support,
Dane, Chloe and Jonah Soderberg   


Click the link below to watch a short video (2:24) to see what your donation will support.

EVERY DAY is Fatherless Day

Meet some of the boys in the program, listen to the emotional struggles they live with every day and see how Boys to Men is making a difference in their lives.  You will be inspired!


Boys to Men website



  • Doug & Connie (about 9 months ago)

    Great Job Dane, Chloe & Jonah! You guys ROCK!

  • Andrea (about 10 months ago)

    You guys Rock! Inspiring efforts! Much Love XXXO

  • Scott (about 11 months ago)

    Better late then never... Go, Dane!

  • amy (about 11 months ago)


  • Michael (about 11 months ago)

    Dane, you 'da man!! Way to go!!

  • Holly (about 11 months ago)

    Hope you catch some big waves!!

  • Jerilyn & John (about 11 months ago)

    Good luck Dane, Chloe and Jonah!

  • Sandra (about 11 months ago)

    Because of u guys, their lives will be better! Xo

  • Brandi (about 11 months ago)

    Keep up the good work! ??

  • Brian (about 11 months ago)

    Catch some big ones !

  • Janet (about 11 months ago)

    Dane, this is an awesome cause!

  • John (about 11 months ago)

    Great going Dane. Hope all is well.

  • Cory (about 11 months ago)

    Such a great cause and you guys are awesome!

  • Bruce (about 11 months ago)

    Wishing you every success this year

  • Steven F. (about 11 months ago)

    Best of luck!

  • Steven (about 11 months ago)

    Get em Dane! 100 WAVES! Chlo and Jonah TOO!

  • Jonathan (about 11 months ago)

    Making you work for it - get 100 waves!

  • Mark & Amy (about 11 months ago)

    Good job, Dane! and, Chloe too!

  • Kimberly (about 11 months ago)

    Good Luck!

  • Woodrow (about 11 months ago)

    Dane, Chloe: Best Wishes!

  • Matt and Cara (about 11 months ago)

    Great cause!

  • donna (about 11 months ago)

    So proud of you and your children

  • Leslie (about 11 months ago)

    Go Dane, Chloe and Jonah!

  • Jim and Karen (about 11 months ago)

    Good luck - and have fun!

  • Annica (about 11 months ago)

    To all fatherless boys out there <3 Thank U D+C+J!

  • Meredith & Craig (about 11 months ago)

    Great cause! Good luck!

  • Connie (about 11 months ago)

    Thanks. Good luck.

  • Phoebe & Dexter (about 11 months ago)

    So happy to lend our support.

  • Pete & Patty (about a year ago)

    Go Dane, Chloe, & Jonah! So proud of you!

  • Jason (about a year ago)

    Best of Luck!

  • Jim (about a year ago)

    Great cause! Have a ball!

  • Elizabeth (about a year ago)

    Good luck & have fun!

  • Debbie & Bill (about a year ago)

    Nice job including the kids this year. Go Dane!

  • Stephanie (about a year ago)

    Great event! Have fun you three!!!

  • Cynthia (about a year ago)

    Thx for your photo biz 4 10yrs, GO DANE !!

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