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On Saturday, September 17th I will take the 100 Wave Challenge and do my best to catch 100 waves in ONE DAY to raise $4,000 for a remarkable organization called Boys to Men.   


Boys to Men Mentoring is a group mentoring program working with fatherless high-risk boys in middle schools, high schools and in open community meetings.  72% of the boys in the program don’t have a father in their home.  


These boys are struggling and I’m going to do my best to help them.   


This will be a big challenge for me --100 waves in one day is crazy, but it will be worth all my efforts to help support these boys. Every dollar helps, so please give what you can to help me reach my goal. 


Thank you for your support,



Click the link below to watch a short video (2:24) to see what your donation will support.


EVERY DAY is Fatherless Day

Meet some of the boys in the program, listen to the emotional struggles they live with every day and see how Boys to Men is making a difference in their lives.  You will be inspired!



  • Merrill (about 11 months ago)

    Well done sir!

  • Wayne, Brenda & Jonathan (about 11 months ago)

    Way to go David!!!

  • Mary Catherine (about 11 months ago)

    you got this!

  • robin (about 11 months ago)

    Good Luck

  • Jared (about 11 months ago)

    GO, Team!

  • Adrienne (about 11 months ago)

    This is SO awesome Dave!!!

  • Laura (about 11 months ago)

    Beat Damien Hobgood!!! :) Love you babe!

  • Megan (about 11 months ago)

    Go Team Dunn!

  • Merrill (about 11 months ago)

    Get it!

  • Tyler (about 11 months ago)

    Supporting a great cause!!

  • William (about 11 months ago)

    Go get 'em. Have fun.

  • Sandra (about 11 months ago)

    Go David! What a great cause!

  • Mia (about 11 months ago)

    You are a great man, making other great men.

  • Rick, Lisa & Ethan (about 11 months ago)

    Good luck and have fun!

  • D (about 11 months ago)

    Somebody please count them for him!!!

  • Delos (about 11 months ago)

    Go Dave go!

  • Sunil (about 11 months ago)

    Better catch them waves!!

  • Nancy (about 11 months ago)

    Kitchell supports your efforts to help. Have fun!

  • Randi (about 11 months ago)

    i am so proud of you and your commitment !

  • Nate (about 11 months ago)


  • Kathleen (about 11 months ago)

    We are behind you 100%! Love, Kathy and Jim

  • Melissa (about 11 months ago)

    Get it! Happy to support you -- Melissa & Mike

  • Joan (about 11 months ago)

    Good luck, proud of you,!

  • Jennie (about 11 months ago)

    Go David!

  • Brian (about 11 months ago)

    Good luck on getting to 100! DPR Construction

  • Taylor (about 11 months ago)

    Get pitted. So Pitted. Shred the Gnar.

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